E-Commerce Websites

Looking to sell online?  Adworx Digital offers everything you need, great looking e-commerce websites, professional shopping cart design and unlimited e-commerce hosting.

Getting your e-commerce capabilities right is essential to the ongoing success of your online store. You will need to ensure that the buying process is simple and accessible to your customers.  You can have the most amazing website but if you don’t get your e-commerce capabilities right, your conversion to sale could be severely impacted.

Ensuring you have your bases covered is essential.  A well rounded e-commerce website will be more successful when it comes to making sales, filling orders and receiving payments.

Step One: The first step to consider is the design of your site.  Creating a great first impression will give users the confidence that there is a solid company behind the business.  Ideally you want to keep shoppers on the site, navigating the pages, selecting the items they wish to purchase and finalising their visit with a transaction.  To achieve this you will require a well-organised site that is easy to navigate and one that “wows” your customers.

Step Two: Speed.  If it takes longer than a few seconds to load pages users will loose interest and navigate away from the site.  Fast loading pages will help you to achieve a greater volume of sales.

Step Three: Product selection.  What will you sell on the site?  Choose a good cross section of products and make sure you categorise product by type and brand, to make it easy for customers to shop.  An unorganised site or a site that is overloaded with product choices will only end up confusing the shopper, delivering a bad shopping experience and resulting in lost sales opportunities.

Step Four: Product pages.  The most successful product pages are ones that use a combination of words, images and video.  You only have a fraction of time to pitch your products to the shopper, so make sure you use all the resources available to get your message across quickly.

Step Five: Shopping Carts and the Transaction.  So by now the customer has navigated your website, made their selection on products and is ready to complete the transaction.  If you don’t get this right you run a very high risk of loosing the sale.  What can go wrong?

  • Shipping costs too high
  • Limited payment options
  • Mandatory account creation before the user can place the order

You can eliminate problems and reduce lost sales by simply explaining the shopping process before checkout.  This way there are no surprises.

Step Six: Post Transaction.  Following order completion, your customer should receive a receipt immediately, via the email address provided.  The receipt needs to contain the order number, description of items purchased as well as your email, phone number and other appropriate contact details.  You may also want to add a link back to your site where the shopper can track the progress of their order.

Good practice includes sending a notification email when the order is dispatched, then a further follow up a couple of weeks later via your customer service team.

As you can see from the information above, there are a number of things to consider when building an e-commerce site.  At Adworx Digital, our team has extensive experience in design, development, implementation and management of e-commerce solutions.

We partner with you to provide guidance, knowledge and experience, when choosing the e-commerce solution that’s right for your business.  Adworx Digital offers custom built solutions using the latest web technology.

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