Why you should have an SSL Certificate
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Why SSL Certificates make or break your website success

SCENARIO: You’re online shopping. You click on the shopping cart to buy a new frying pan & a WARNING flashes up about the site’s security.

Do you carry on & pop in your credit card details?
Or do you hightail it out of there?

And that’s the perfect example of what happens when your site isn’t safe for customers (I’m assuming you correctly chose Option B in that scenario). They’ll just move on to a competitor’s site where they know they’ll be safe.

That, is just one of the reasons why I consider an SSL Certificate to be essential for your website, no matter the size of your business.

First, I’ll explain what an SSL Certificate is.

Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) is an encryption device running behind the scenes that stops anyone or anything – think bots, hackers, and digital bugs and worms – from intercepting information sent between your site and the server. Proof of security is displayed to visitors in two ways: a green padlock on the search bar, and the addition of an ‘s’, for security, on the url of your website. A site with an SSL will have a location string that looks like this https://

Without an SSL Certificate, any information your customer inputs into your site is vulnerable and exposed.

Here are 3 fairly compelling reasons why you need an SSL Certificate:

1. Gain trust with customers and protect their sensitive information

Most merchants will require an SSL Certificate before they will allow you to process their credit card online, which is reason enough!

And, I’ve already mentioned the vulnerability of your customer’s data, but I have to be clear: that comprises everything collected by your site, including payment details, bank account numbers, passwords, email addresses, names and dates of birth.

An SSL Certificate helps you build a brand with a reputation for safety by giving your visitors that guarantee of information security.

2. Stay king in search rankings

Recently search engines began looking for SSL Certificates and giving them higher priority in rankings over unsecured sites.

That’s because it benefits them to give users a high-quality search experience, and that includes recommending sites with strong security measures in place.

3. Reduce the bounce rate on your site from wary customers

It’s not rocket science – if customers think their credit card or personal info is going to get stolen, or their email is going to get hacked, or their computer is vulnerable on your site, they’ll quickly move on.

Show them an SSL Certificate, and they’ll convert from visitor to happy customer.

Are SSL Certificates important for all sites?

My clients often ask me if it’s necessary to have an SSL Certificate on their website. The short answer is yes it is necessary.

Recently Google began looking for SSL Certificates and giving sites that have an SSL certificate a higher priority in rankings over unsecured sites.

What if, for example, your site is 100% blog content that doesn’t collect any kind of data from visitors?

So while an SSL certificate is still optional, I recommend spending the money and installing an SSL certificate from the start. Yes, even if you don’t intend on selling products, collecting your client’s personal data or having membership portal.

Converting your site into one with SSL Certificate can be problematic as the url’s on your website will change, which may cause issues for returning visitors.

Our team at Adworx Digital can help you install or renew a quality SSL Certificate on your website. We are also more than happy to answer any questions you have about how it all works. Please give us a call or just fill in our contact form today and we will get in touch!

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