QLD Govt Small Business Digital Grants Program
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QLD Govt Digital Grants

You may not know that as a Queensland business there are $10,000 grants on offer for digital marketing.

The good news is the QLD Government will match you dollar for dollar, up to $10,000, for digital marketing, consulting, training, implementation, content creation, customisation & strategy creation.

There are more details about the grant here

If you’d like help, I can propose some ways to put this grant to good use for your business. The grant application is now open and closes on 11 April 2018 at 5 pm.

QLD Govt Small Business Digital Grants Program

Available funding

· Matched funding of up to $10,000 (excluding GST) may be provided to eligible businesses for the purchase of hardware, software and services (such as digital coaching). The minimum grant funding is $1,000.
· The business must show that the digital technology or service purchased and adopted will enhance the digital capabilities of their business and help them to be more competitive and employ more staff.
· Payment will be made directly to the business on completion of the project and on presentation of proof of payment for the product or service.

Eligibility criteria

· Fewer than 20 employees at the time of applying for the grant
· have an Australian Business Number (ABN) and be registered for GST
· be based in Queensland
· have a turnover of $2 million or less in the last financial year
· declare if any owners or directors of the business are an undischarged bankrupt or insolvent.

Eligible for funding

· Training
· Consulting
· Implementing
· Content creation
· Customisation
· Selling online
· Strategy development

Not eligible

· Software
· Advertising Spend
· Maintenance of technology
· Hosting
· Salaries
· Retrospective payments

Important dates

· Round 4 is now open and closes on 11 April 2018 at 5 pm.
· Apply here

We’ve had clients get this grant last time it was open, and not only was the government was quick to pay the money but clients could put the money towards stuff that was very important for their business.

Businesses have applied for the grant for things like web development, adding website functionality, developing a marketing strategy and even for podcast strategy and production packages.

If you’re interested or have any questions please do hesitate to get in touch. I am more than happy to suggest ways to make the most of the grant.

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