Display & Re-Marketing

Most of Google’s advertising business features simple text ads. Display advertising allows advertisers to incorporate graphics, video and audio to make the experience more compelling and memorable to the person viewing the ad.

Google Display Ads are only shown on Google’s Display Network with Google Display Network reaching over 90% of Internet users worldwide, with more than a trillion impressions served to over 1 billion users each month.

The Google Display network enables you to expand your advertising campaign across devices, reaching specific audiences all across the web. Whether you have brand or performance goals or your business is local, regional or global, the Google Display Network offers the scale and tools you need to help you make the most of every dollar.

Google Display offers focused advertising solutions.


Engagement Ads

Google’s new creative ad formats help you connect and engage with consumers in the moments that matter are Engagement Ads. While Awareness Ads allow you to reserve viewable impressions on specific audience segments, all at scale. Engagement Ads let you place large beautiful creative messages in front of target consumers, while only paying when a user engages with the ad. Engagement Ads combine the art of brand building with the science of performance display.

Dynamic Display Ads

Dynamic Display Ads let you create ads that are tailored to your target audience. This happens dynamically as your ads are shown to a specific user on a specific website. We all see so many advertising messages on multiple screens every day. So if you really want to engage your potential customers, you need to show the right ad at the right time.

Above the fold advertising

Above the fold advertising determines whether your ad will show on-screen when a user’s browser loads. Using above the fold advertising your ads will only appear when a placement can show your ad on the screen without the user having to scroll. Filtering out below the fold impressions gives you much more control over where your ads appear.

Interest categories

Interest categories help you reach target audiences across the Google Display Network, presenting highly relevant messages to users while they surf the Web. Choose from a rich set of interest categories (such as Travel, Entertainment, Sports, or Auto Enthusiasts) and your ads to will show to people that Google considers are interested in those categories. So if a user who has been browsing for a new computer takes a break to read a news site or favourite fashion blog, a computer company can still reach that user with ads about computers.

Generally businesses use display advertising to raise awareness about their brand or a new product and text ads are designed to encourage action. Typically, it’s easier to measure the effectiveness of a search ad using click-through rates.

Google Re-Marketing

How ever, Google Re-Marketing lets you show ads to users who’ve previously visited your website as they browse sites across the Google Display Network. People who have already clicked on your ads, but haven’t converted, are more likely to do so than those who haven’t engaged with your ads at all. Those who have taken one action on your website are more likely to take more actions. Most of the time,  your Google Re-Marketing campaign is one of your best campaigns, often delivering a better conversion rate and return on investment.

Google Remarketing is a powerful way to stay engaged with your target audience. Remarketing presents browsers with highly relevant ads and offers across the Web, this will keep your brand top of mind when they’re ready to buy.

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