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The Importance of YouTube for Small Businesses

YouTube originally was a platform to share short videos with people. But over the years it has grown into an extremely powerful tool.

It is an essential tool for any business or individual looking to reach a large number of people.

You-Tube has an estimated 1.5 billion logged-in users each month and approximately 300 hours of video are uploaded to its servers every minute.

Many believe that YouTube wont work for their businesses. They believe that You-Tube is made for the younger generation. They’re not entirely wrong: 60% of the platform’s audience is under 44, while just 11% of its users are aged 50 and above.

Once you take away the prank videos, vlogs and rehashed TV content, you’ll find lots of businesses, like mine, using YouTube to support their business. I use You-Tube to explain and teach people how to use their websites, others use it to explain complex terminology, introduce new products and sell to a their audience.

Here are some of the reasons you should consider You-Tube:

  1. New Audience

If you don’t currently have a YouTube channel, you will be tapping into an entirely new audience by getting one. People use the site for a variety reasons, some of your customers will prefer information in written form, there will be others that like a video.

  1. The SEO Boost

Many utilise YouTube, to ascertain ranking on the on the first page of Google. Google owns the You-Tube platform, and shares its resources. YouTube is also a search engine itself, and a pretty good one. Use tags when uploading videos to help you rank better for desired terms and see your views grow.

  1. It’s Made for Specific Content

People take to videos because they want a specific query answered in a particular way.

YouTube and video help tell your brand’s story. A blog post can explain what your new product is but a video can make it come to life.

  1. Community Engagement

The chance to build a following on YouTube is the chance to build a community. If people like what you publish, they will often subscribe to your channel, keep track of the latest videos and building an online community in the process.

A great way to start engagement with your online community is to circulate a survey or email asking them what they want from your channel.

Alternatively, you can get in touch – I’m a Google Ads Certified Partner, which means I can help you get the most out of your You-Tube.

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