Whether you’re a digital native or not, we now live in a digital society. Digital literacy is an essential part of modern business. At Adworx we’re proud to share our knowledge base and develop skills with anyone who needs it.

When we complete your site, we’ll show you how to use it, and we can provide extra one-on-one or group training – even if we haven’t built your website.

We also provide a basic to advanced training to help you understand and navigate the online world and your place in it.

Our goal is to help you work smarter, not harder.

Marketing Plan Brisbane

Assisting you to build your Digital Marketing Plan

Having a dynamic and active presence online is no longer optional for modern businesses. It forms part of your business’s marketing plan and provides you with a roadmap on how to deliver on your overall business objectives.

Through our one-on-one training we can help you understand and build a digital marketing strategy and how it impacts and assists your business.

Learn WordPress

WordPress is free platform that a vast majority of websites use as their framework. Many developers build plugins (add-ons) so website can offer specific functionality.

It’s easy to use interface can be a little daunting at first, and learning the integration between plugins can be tricky, however we can take you through the platform and teach you the basics and show you how to use your website, regardless if we have built it or not

This training includes adding new content, updating an image or altering your details, and a lot of other basics you can easily master.


Learn Google Adwords

Learn the fundamentals of Google AdWords, from planning your campaign strategy, through to campaign setup, ads, keywords and optimisation.

This training will also includes an introduction to Google Analytics as they work seamlessly together. Google Analytics tracks and reports website traffic.

The Google Adwords training can be done in a group or one on one and can be customised to your specific needs.

We’re also on-call to help with any of your questions as you go along, and we can provide ongoing website maintenance and training support to ensure your site stays current.