Confused about website content!

We all know Content is King! And creating great content is easy, if you follow these simple rules. No matter if you are writing the content or if a copywriter is doing it for you, I would recommend that you keep these simple tips in mind.

As you can imagine I have read more than more fare share of books on the subject and if I take the basics of what I have learnt from these books and summarise them, you’ll end up with a basic guideline of how to write online content.

The content you write for your website needs to be clear, concise, compelling and keyword rich.

In just a few seconds people need to be able to understand what has been written on your web page. People don’t want to have to think.

Your content including your headings, sub-headings and navigation should all clearly indicate what lies within its page.

Keep your words, sentences and paragraphs short and simple and ensure you use your Keywords. Don’t try to baffle people. Some experts recommend that you cut up to half of the words for every print page you plan to put on the web.

Writing clear and concise won’t make you boring or dull, it will keep your readers interested. You have to uncover what makes your reader tick to make your content compelling. Whatever it is, give it to them. Adding your keywords will ensure that the Search Engines index your page.

Focus on writing clear, concise and compelling copy, with your keywords. They  will help you rank well with in the search engines and make your potential customers interested in what you have to say.