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Allow Your Website Visitors to Request a Callback

Online business, can often find it difficult to figure out ways to stay in touch with visitors, but it is the key to increasing conversions.

People often hesitate to leave a phone number, as they envisage pesky sales people on the phone at all hours.

Calls strike a perfect balance between convenience and personalisation, so how do we solve this? A simple solution is by implementing a feature on your site that enables them to request a callback.

Thanks to Elegant Themes who recently wrote a comprehensive article on callbacks and how they can help you grow your business. I have summarised the key points here,  you can also read the full article.

What are Callbacks? Why are they important?

A callback is simply an easy way for a visitor to your website to request for you to call them back. This works by them giving you their phone number, at which point you can call them at a time that suits you.

Having callback functionality on your website is valuable for the following reasons:

  • The customer gives you their permission to call them, this means the call won’t feel like an intrusion
  • People that request callbacks are often more primed to convert
  • Speaking directly to someone can be considerably more effective form of marketing than emails.

Adding a feature that enables those people to request a callback means you get a chance to land a client that you might not have secured otherwise. It also ensures that you’re in control of your communications at all times.

If you need assistance changing your website to receive callbacks, please don’t hesitate to can get in touch

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