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Our 5 tips for creating great Google Ads

Google Ads, previously known as Google AdWords‎, are an efficient way of driving traffic and potential customers to your website.

Google launched AdWords in 2000. Google Ads is an online advertising platform. 

This is where advertisers like you pay to display short advertisements on your services, product listings, video content or advertising mobile application installs on the Google ad network to internet users. When you advertise with Google Ads, you’re investing in your business.

Sounds great right? But how do you convert this traffic into loyal customers and clients? Here are our top five tips for launching a successful Google Ads campaign as part of your digital marketing strategy.

1. Be relevant

Focusing on little, incremental changes to your website’s overall SEO strategy can produce noticeable gains over time. According to If a visitor’s clicks through from one of your Google Ads to one of your web pages, make sure that page is relevant to the ad. The Google Ads landing page should be related, helpful and insightful. The first step in converting a visitor into a customer is gaining their trust.

2. Take advantage of any negative keywords

Using negative keywords is one of the fastest and easiest ways to avoid irrelevant traffic to your site. Traffic that is going to waste your budget, without building up your business.

Negative keywords allow you to exclude search terms from your campaigns and assist you to specialise in solely the keywords that come to your customers.

By using this tactic, negative keywords have the potential to save you hassles and expenses.

3. Trial a variety of ad styles and words

Even if your ads are performing fairly well today, don’t stop experimenting with your ads. With enough experiments, you might find one that works particularly well for you. Be sure to vary your ads significantly. For example, if a straightforward statement of your services doesn’t work, try playing on a problem your service or product is designed to solve or make an offer that seems compelling.

4. Take notice of quality scores

A quality score indicates how strongly or not your keyword is performing. If any of your keywords are lost on low scores, then make an attempt to raise them. This involves increasing the relevance of both your ad copy and the copy on your landing pages.

5. Spend your budget on high-performing keywords

Finding keywords that reliably drive traffic to your website or app is one of the hardest challenges in any digital marketing campaign involving Google Ads. Once you locate your high-performing keywords, don’t be afraid to spend a good portion of your advertising budget on them.

Let’s turn your website design ideas into a high-performing marketing website that captures new leads and generates sales for your business.

Do you need more expert advice on creating a powerful Google Ads campaign for your business? Get in touch with our digital marketing team here at Adworx Digital. Servicing Australian entrepreneurs, small and start-up businesses since 2013, we are here to help you create and manage that online growth everybody is talking about via Google Ads.

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